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Bears, bulls and whales in the crypto world

These are very common words that we often hear. But what is it all about? Let’s try to give a simple explanation.

A whale is an investor who owns large quantities of a cryptocurrency. For this reason, through his decisions, he can influence the price in a significant way (whale manipulation).

You can also be a bull or a bear based on your predictions about the impact of markets on the price. You belong to the first category if you think the price will go up, otherwise you are a bear.

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  1. MohamedEbrahimt MohamedEbrahimt

    I don’t get that point.
    Can you re-explain in a different way?

  2. gertim gertim

    I believe the price will be go up so I think I am a bull

  3. mayaram mayaram

    Nice to see

  4. balaji963 balaji963

    Very nice

  5. Khaledaziz Khaledaziz

    I try to think in front of my mirror
    I am a bull or a bear

  6. mayaram mayaram


  7. maria200 maria200

    im not sure if i had liked this , i never understood investments ( im the type who added my blog as a investment in a investment blog and did not understand why i was wrong until they deleted my account and i still dont )

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