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How to transfer your coins from exchanges without high fees

High fees can ben a major problem when you want to withdraw your coins from exchanges. For this reason it would be better to avoid using Bitcoin or Ether.

There is a very popular cryptocurrency that allows you to transfer your money at a low cost on most major platforms: XRP. It’s in the top 10, so it always has good trading volumes and liquidity.

That’s why you should convert your cryptocurrency to XRP before doing a withdrawal request. This step takes little time and saves your money.

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  1. Khaledaziz Khaledaziz

    I hope to transfer with no fees

  2. MohamedEbrahimt MohamedEbrahimt

    Do you supporCan you add the type of wallet that a member can transfer to

    And do you support the payeer and Trust Wallet wallets?

  3. Khaledaziz Khaledaziz

    earning first after that transfer

  4. maria200 maria200

    i agree you see this problem what can we do about it

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