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Push notifications implementation

This feature has finally been added by popular demand! It supports Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Here it is what you should see on your browser.

Our lovely Francesca will inform you in real time whenever new content (blog article, survey and quiz) is published. Remember that she does not reveal instead when new lottery tickets are available and you already know why.

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  1. MohamedEbrahimt MohamedEbrahimt

    Can you categorize daily tasks in the weekly tasks section in the monthly tasks section in the section

  2. Olasmith Olasmith


  3. ronak ronak

    Nice blog to earn money

  4. mayaram mayaram

    Very nice earning money for the use of the day

  5. maria200 maria200

    i agree notices that earn you points should be emailed to you im lost finding articles that give points , why read and unread both underlined

  6. Kings friend Kings friend

    Nice one

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