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The FOMO in the crypto world

It’s the acronym of fear of missing out and is the condition of those who think they are losing a very profitable opportunity.

There is FOMO for a cryptocurrency when the price is growing and people are pushed to buy in the hope that the rise will continue for much longer.

Very often the earliest investors are the only who profit from this kind of situation because that is generally the best time to sell and not to buy.

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  1. Khaledaziz Khaledaziz

    What is the difference between omo and fomo?
    Omo is for waching my clothes
    Fomo is for waching my crypto

  2. Khaledaziz Khaledaziz

    I vote from now
    Fomo. Fomo. Fomo

  3. Abdul991 Abdul991

    good ferformance

  4. MohamedEbrahimt MohamedEbrahimt

    This is really the future.

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