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How much can I earn?

You are now able to convert your points to crypto anytime. All users can withdraw in total up to $50 every week in Bitcoin and 650 PRIZM! 1 point has a value of $0.01.

This weekly amount is not individual and applies to all users’ withdrawals.

We also want to reward the commitment of the most active users with the chance to earn more money on our platform. That’s why we have a special lottery!

Weekly lottery categories

Ethereum (ETH)
a week

Here’s how it works.

  1. Once a week, on a different day and time, you are able to buy one lottery ticket (no more) paying with the points you earn.
  2. Once the tickets are sold out the winner (one for each category, who will receive the money) will be randomly drawn among the ticket owners.
  3. Cash reward is automatically paid out on Sunday

There is a limited number of tickets available every week. We do not reveal the moment when new tickets are available. You have to check it!

For this reason you need to visit visit the site often in order to have a better chance to get them.

Also, unlucky users with at least 20 tickets bought have a greater chance of being selected in the following drawns:

  • if you bought at least 20 tickets (without winning) and there is no people with the same number in a draw, you automatically win and there is no draw!
  • if there are more users with at least 20 tickets bought, the winner is randomly drawn among the people with the largest number of tickets bought.

Obviously this kind of advantage is canceled after a winning.

Owning more than a single account is strictly prohibited and results in permanent exclusion from our platform.


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