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May 26

Domain registration

A day you will never forget!
June 9

First blog post is online

“How do I receive my earnings?”
June 15

First registered user

June 29

First payments received by users

July 29

500 members

Really not bad
August 3

Test your knowledge with quizzes!

Users can now earn extra five bucks a week!
August 9

Convert your points to Bitcoin

All users can withdraw in total up to $50 every week!
August 10

1000 members

And we hope this is still the beginning!
August 12

Wheel of fortune

Try your luck every day and win free points!
September 4

Invest in crypto

We simply share with you what we find and say how to do if you want to invest like us


  1. ichiday ichiday

    Masih bingung

  2. Ashlie24 Ashlie24

    i don’t know how to take a quiz hiw to watch videos please help me

  3. AuroraCrypto AuroraCrypto

    try my luck here 😉

  4. Mehdiseyed Mehdiseyed

    Im new here!!

  5. alireza01 alireza01

    Hi,i’m new here

  6. YANTO001 YANTO001

    Sy baru

  7. Ashlie24 Ashlie24

    Helo it’s amazing but how can i visit website how can i watch you tube and how can i answer me please

  8. profkamal108 profkamal108

    I am new here

  9. tantawy tantawy


  10. Lotesky Lotesky

    I’m new here

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