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User of the week

We know our users are the best promoters. They know that our platform works. At the moment the community is made up of more than 4,000 people but it’s time to grow further. And we need you now.

That’s why we decided to launch this amazing initiative. Lottery money was reduced (from $15 to $10) and a new weekly cash reward has been added!

It’s very simple: every Monday we will give a cash prize of $5 in Bitcoin to the user who invite the most people during the week (from Monday to Sunday).

How to participate

Copy and share your affiliate link. Your friends need to register using it. That’s all!

Leaderboard of the week

  1. Silent00Mary 8
  2. Genaro 7
  3. pathchainey 4
  4. Vahid 1
  5. zunnoon 1

Previous leaderboard

  1. Genaro 4
  2. aniet 2
  3. Manilyn 1
  4. Karitra1 1

What do you think about that? Let us know answering the poll.

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Great! I can earn an extra $5 a week just by inviting my friends
I prefer to participate in the lottery
It's like the lottery but without drawing lots!